Linked Up For Animals

Linked Up For Animals

Linked Up For Animals is a well thought out social media platform for animals. It’s the world’s first only dedicated social site for animal protection and saving platform that brings together animal lovers from across the planet.

Having been thought out by four passionate animal lovers, Linked Up For Animals social media site has now embarked on a campaign to raise funds to see the mission through.

The $100,000 campaign is running on Kickstarter and will in many ways help the platform raise funds to send to various small and micro animal self-funding groups and organizations.

Linked Up For Animals

We have collected enough data to back our findings that a majority of these organizations are run on shoestring budgets derived from the little funds the staff operating these institutions take out of pocket.

The community composed of animal lovers, advocates and organizations convene to discuss, disagree and finally find a common goal that leads to taking an action which is protecting and saving animal lives.

Linked Up for Animals platform welcomes people with a sincere desire for animal care. The platform makes it possible for users (members) to create a call for action, discuss and support welfare legislation.

Moreover, site users can take this opportunity to announce local adoptions, fundraising events, and share animal stories, photos, and videos. We know how powerful Social Media is when it comes to moving information from one coast to another and all in between.

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Thus why we are passionate and driven to create an animal dedicated website that will elevate the conversation to a national level thus eliciting rapid responses to animals in need.

As there are no current widely acknowledged social media platforms centred on animals or connecting persons with animal welfare and advocacy.

Linked Up For Animals makes it a possibility to create a space for generosity and kindness witnessed daily as we strive to make a significant impact on problems afflicting animals on our planet.

Through this platform, members get the news and updates they concern themselves with every day.

Adding to these remarkable features members will be enjoined in a community that connects them with fellow animal lovers, and they can share news about events, post photos and videos of their pets, find local services for animals and much, much more.

Linked Up For Animals social media website serves as an index for members hoping and willing to get involved with other activities such as; donating, volunteering or adding their voice to a movement that is unstoppable!