Let Your Cat Climb To New Heights With Cat Wall Furniture

cat shelves from The Refined Feline

Cat owners know how much their indoor cats love to sit up high and get a good view of their surroundings from above. If they were out in the wild, this is probably exactly what they’d be doing! So, it’s important to get furniture for cats and attempt to mimic the outdoor environment when keeping our cats safely inside. Cats need entertainment and stimulation to live a happy and healthy life indoors. Here are ways to achieve this with cat wall shelves!

cat shelves from The Refined Feline

How To Choose The Right Type of Cat Wall Furniture

There are many different types of cat wall furniture available on the market. There are cat wall shelves and perches, hammocks, bridges, and more for cats to walk across! When choosing the right cat wall furniture, you should take into account the space in your home as well as your cats. You will want to ensure that the cat furniture you’re buying is sturdy enough for your cats. Also, you should make sure that it can be hung where you’d like. For example, screwing into a brick or concrete wall would be quite difficult. It’s best to hang cat wall furniture up on drywall and even better if the items can be screwed into wall shelves.

Cat wall furniture from The Refined Feline are a popular choice for cat owners since these cat shelves are made from sturdy materials. The Lotus Branch Cat Shelves are large wooden shelves made to hold house cats of any size. The Cat Clouds Cat Shelf is a metal shelf that features two perches and is just as sturdy. These cats are loved by cats and their owners. They even get rave reviews from owners of large cats who say that their extra large cats have more than enough space on them. The best part is that they don’t even look like cat furniture. These solid wood shelves have a modern finish that will look great in any home.

Why To Get Cat Wall Furniture

What makes cat shelves so great is that they don’t take up any floor space. They also allow your cats to reach new heights! It’s best to place cat shelves near a cat tower or something that they can use to jump up to them from. You can even place multiple cat wall shelves strategically to create a pathway along your walls. Cats love to have a space of their own where they can go off and take a catnap. This is especially good for them if there are dogs or little kids in the house that they sometimes want a safe space from

You And Your Cats Will Both Love Cat Wall Furniture 

Many cats are known for loving to be close to their owners but also just out of arm’s reach. Observing their territory from above, cats will love to perch on any type of cat wall furniture given to them. They tend to even perch on wall shelves that aren’t for them! So, we might as well give them some places to perch that are specifically designed for them.