The 5 Best Automatic Dog Feeder Distributors

WOPET automatic feeder

If you are reading this article, and looking for more information about the best dog food vending machine, you are probably part of that large group of people who often have to stay away from home , and who do not know how to take care of their friend at four legs .

Nowadays, because of the work and the numerous daily commitments, it has become a necessity for many masters to have to leave their dog alone at home.

It is not always possible to ask for favors from friends and relatives, begging them to come and check our puppy during the day, and feed him.

WOPET automatic feeder

That’s why the vending machine was invented, and why it’s so popular among pet owners!

Thanks to technology , in fact, feeding your dog will no longer be a problem. You can plan the time and amount of meals, so that when you are not home, your pet can eat regularly without problems.

In the following paragraphs we will list the 6 best dog feeder distributors, we will go into more specific about their functioning and we will tell you why you should definitely buy one.

We will give an answer to all your doubts and questions; so that, you and your four-legged friend, you can fully benefit from the new “helper” with meals and you can spend more time together having fun!

The 6 Best Automatic Dog Feeder Distributors

In the following list we will recommend the 5 best dog food distributors on the market , which can be purchased through the various online stores.

Including both the cheapest products with the lowest price and the slightly more expensive ones, the distributors we will describe to you have been selected after a long and careful research.

We also urge you to read the opinions and reviews of customers who have already purchased these items, so you have as many items as possible to add to the evaluation of your choice. To do this, simply click on the links placed after the description of each product.

WOPET automatic feeder

WOpet Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder LY-104

Automatic Feeder Pet Feeder PetSinc

Automatic Feeder Pet Feeder PetSinc

The first product on our list is the PetSinc vending machine .

Able to dispense up to 10 servings of 24 ml each, this power supply is perfect in case you need to leave during the weekend.

You can set up to 4 timers per day and choose the portion size quickly and easily and the unit delivers dry meals.

The LCD display will allow you to easily select the adjustable settings and the magnetic lock of the cover.

The dimensions of this distributor are equivalent to 24 x 19 x 38 cm, with a volume of 1.14 gallons, a wattage of 5 watts and a voltage of 5 volts.

Created in ABS material and with a net weight of 4.63 pounds, the PetSinc distributor is powered by 3 alkaline D / DC batteries and is only suitable for dry food .

Automatic pet feeder C’est

Automatic pet feeder C'est

The C’est automatic feeder , thanks to its built-in microphone, allows you to record a message , so that every time the meal is served your dog will be notified immediately.

The LCD display with timer will make meal planning a breeze.

As for its capacity, it can hold up to 6 meals and you can set up 4 daily timers .

Simple to clean , this feeder has a secure closure that will not allow your dog to reach un-released food. Also made of ABS material, it is extremely impact resistant and will last longer.

Its dimensions correspond to 33.4 x 33.2 x 11.8 cm, has a weight of 1.6 kg and is powered by 4 type C batteries.

Food Digital Dispenser For Animals Mvpower 5.5L

Food Digital Dispenser For Animals

Thanks to its 5.5 liter capacity , the MVpower digital food distributor is able to distribute up to 12 portions of food 3 times a day . This means that you will not have to worry about feeding your dog for 4 days.

The dimensions of this distributor are 29 x 22 x 49 cm and is powered by 3 batteries that will last about 3 months.

Also this model is only for dry food and allows you to record a 10-second voice message for your pet.

5 meals Pet Feeder Petsafe

meals Pet Feeder Petsafe

The PetSafe vending machine has an electronic timer that allows you to set up to 5 meals in advance , with a maximum weight of 230 g.

Great for handling portions and checking the quantity , this feeder is only for dry food or biscuits , and the trays it is made of are easy to wash , even in the dishwasher.

It is powered by 4 D batteries (not included) that will last around 6 to 12 months.

Extremely robust and compact , dog-proof, this distributor will guarantee you safety and punctuality in serving meals to your puppy!

BIGWING STYLE Food Distributor

BIGWING STYLE Food Distributor

The latest product on our list is the BIGWING Style dog food vending machine .

This feeder is recommended mainly for small dogs or puppies, since it would not resist the bumps of a larger dog.

Able to guarantee 2 meals for the next 48 hours , the model of the BEIGWING Style, allows you to place an ice pack in order to keep the food wet. The simple timer, similar to a kitchen timer, will also make meal planning easy and immediate.

It is powered by an AA battery not included and its dimensions correspond to 27 x 7 x 24 cm.