Things to Know About Joint Support Supplements for Dogs

Support Supplements for Dogs

Hip dysplasia, arthritis, and various orthopedic issues can range from bothersome to agonizing, often causing debilitating effects. Although arthritis has no cure, joint supplements aim to address it by assisting in cartilage rebuilding and enhancing joint flexibility. Additionally, certain supplements contribute to reducing inflammation in the joints.

Support Supplements for Dogs

Many supplement manufacturers base their ingredient lists and marketing claims on information derived from a limited number of original research studies, primarily conducted by other manufacturers. Nevertheless, there is a gradual shift, and our understanding is expanding with an increasing number of robust studies conducted regularly.

Dr. Christopher Frye, assistant clinical professor and section chief of sports medicine and rehabilitation in the Department of Clinical Sciences, emphasizes, “Most supplements are relatively safe and can be initiated with the hope of mitigating the progression of osteoarthritis or alleviating its signs and symptoms.”

Some evidence even suggests that these products may be more effective in preventing arthritis than in slowing its progression.

Are joint supplements good for dogs?

As mentioned above, joint supplements CAN be good for dogs. However, while joint supplements are unlikely to harm your dog, it is possible to overdose, so treat these products like drugs and keep them out of reach. Remember the importance of keeping your dog at a lean weight throughout their life — since excess weight contributes to the onset and progression of joint disease.

When should i give my dog joint supplements?

Some veterinary experts advise owners to start when the dog is around 1-year-old, which is when dogs generally stop growing. Others base their decision on the dog’s activity level, the development of arthritis and other risk factors.

What are the best joint supplements for dogs?

Among the 15 joint supplements for dogs that we tested and reviewed, PrestiPet Advanced Hip & Joint Support Supplement Chews stands out as our favorite, presenting itself as an “All-in-one” solution. Developed by scientists at a reputable university, this product boasts the most comprehensive set of ingredients, addressing a wide spectrum of mobility-related issues, including cartilage tissue, tendons, ligaments, inflammation, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even skin problems. Notably, the chews are properly flavored, making the feeding process a pleasant experience for both owners and their dogs. The product can be found at

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The Bottom Line

In summary, it is crucial to consult with your veterinarian regarding the appropriate age to initiate joint supplements for your dog. Some evidence suggests that these products are more effective as preventive measures rather than cures.

If you have an exceptionally active dog or one displaying early signs of joint disease, incorporating a joint supplement—particularly one containing omega-3 fatty acids—may prove beneficial. While joint supplements are generally safe, it’s essential to be cautious about potential overdose risks. Treat these products with the same care as medications, and keep them out of your dog’s reach.

Additionally, always bear in mind the significance of maintaining your dog at a healthy weight throughout their life, as excess weight is a contributing factor to the onset and progression of joint disease.