The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Downloading the Best Device Wallpapers

Finding and Downloading the Best Device Wallpapers

Wallpapers are such an easy way to personalize your devices and reflect your personality. Whether you want to show off your love of nature, favorite movies, or hobby – there is a wallpaper out there for you. In this post, I’ll share my ultimate guide to finding and downloading the highest quality wallpapers for your computer, phone, or tablet.

Finding and Downloading the Best Device Wallpapers

Start With Curated Collections

Some of the best places to start your wallpaper search are curated collections from sites dedicated to beautiful digital artwork. These sites have done the hard work of sorting through thousands of images to hand-pick only the very best.

One site I love is Unsplash. They have a massive library of free high-resolution photos that you can use as wallpapers without attribution. Browsing their collections by topic is a great way to find something that matches your interests. Another great option is Pexels, which also offers copyright-free photos sorted into handy categories.

If you’re a cat lover, be sure to check out the Tabby Cat Club. While they focus on tabbies, they regularly share gorgeous photo submissions that would make perfect home screens and desktop backgrounds. 

Beyond generic nature shots or cityscapes, let your hobbies and interests guide your wallpaper search. If you’re a movie buff, browse fan art collections on DeviantArt dedicated to your favorite films or heroes. For gamers, look no further than gaming sites like IGN that have free downloadable HD backgrounds from all the hottest games.

Music lovers have lots of album art and concert photos to choose from on artist and label websites. Car enthusiasts can spruce up their device with high-revving exotic cars or sleek jazz classics. There is truly a wallpaper for every passion out there – just start searching niche communities related to your interests.

Custom Creations On Etsy

Looking for something even more unique? Etsy is bursting with digital artists creating totally customized wallpapers. Search for your favorite fictional characters, aesthetic vibes like noir or cottagecore, or minimalist geometric shapes. Shop owners on Etsy will often take commissions too, allowing you to commission a one-of-a-kind background featuring your pet, home, or dream vacation destination.

The handcrafted nature backgrounds and portraits available are simply gorgeous. Plus, you’ll be supporting independent creators. Be sure to browse wallpapers by new listings to discover up-and-coming artists with affordable prices.

Apps For Endless Inspiration

When it comes to finding the most breathtaking wallpapers in high resolution, mobile apps really deliver. Ones I always come back to include Backdrops, Unsplash, and Bing Wallpaper.

Backdrops has a huge ever-growing library with new submissions each day. You can browse curated collections, top picks, or search thousands of images. Unsplash keeps the same clean interface as their website. Bing Wallpaper refreshes daily with fresh scenic shots from all over the globe.

These apps make it easy to download dozens of possibilities straight to your camera roll without any watermarks or logos interfering. Then, you can preview different wallpapers right on your home screen before committing to set one as your new background.

Keep Rotating Seasonally

Once you have a stellar collection of wallpapers downloaded, don’t settle on just one. Instead, routinely swap out your background with the changing seasons or to match your mood. I like to curate seasonal folders so when autumn rolls around, I have a whole gallery of cozy cafes, orange trees, and pumpkin patches ready to set as my new background.

Rotating your wallpaper keeps things feeling fresh. It also provides inspiration when you need a pick-me-up. So enjoy the process of browsing for new backgrounds and don’t be afraid to change things up regularly! With endless free options, personalized wallpapers are truly one of the easiest ways to express yourself through technology.


In summary, whether searching online collections, fan communities, Etsy artists, or curated mobile apps – the world of device wallpapers is immense. I hope these tips provide a great starting point on your journey to discovering your new favorite backgrounds.