The New and High-Performance Weighted Animal Vest

Full Body Weighted Dog Vest

You have been looking for an animal vest that covers the whole body and the four legs of your pet. That is a bit heavy but at an affordable price and with totally regulated weights. Stop the hustle now and save your energy. Weighted Animal Vest comes to you as a unique animal vest that settles all your worries. With this vest, your pet will get added weight to all the four legs, unlike other vests. It makes your pet develop healthy muscles, lose weight, and burn the excess energy in it.

We have designed the Weighted Animal Vest for those who want to prevent obesity, anxiety, and joint injury to their pets. Also, it strengthens the pet muscles, assists in the injury rehab, builds the pet’s mental stability, and it acts as a sports performance aid. In short, if you need to keep your dog healthy and in good shape, as it ages, buy this Weighted Animal Vest.


Do not worry if you have a very destructive and restless pet; hyper dogs and others. Our Weighted Animal Vest will calm down that pet and make it get tired quickly to relax. We know that you always need your pet close to you as a companion, and so this challenge will make both of you relax as you enjoy your friendship. On the other hand, this vest will make your dog attain the required exercise without so much overtaxing you.

Weighted Animal Vest

We are also out fulfilling your desire to conduct strength training and muscle building for your pets. The emergence of this Weighted Vest is now good news to you all. It is good news because all the equipment that is in the market to enable bodybuilding in pets limits their movement hugely, but this Weighted Animal Vest allows your dog to be free in all the activities. The dog can run freely while enjoying all the regular activities like walking and training. This bodybuilding provided by the Weighted Animal Vest will strengthen the bones and joints, help an overweight dog lose weight, tame a hyperactive dog, and increase the stamina in working dogs.

Full Body Weighted Dog Vest

The exciting features of this Weighted Animal vest include removable sandbag weights, adjustable straps that are waterproof, and contain high-quality fabric. It also has no rubbing, it has padding in all the right places, and amazingly, it fits in all the dog breeds. We care for the even development of your dog and the weights we provide you with are put on both the front and back legs as approved by the veterinarian. Besides, it is rare to get a weight that is enough to give your pe maximum strength and power but our Weighted Animal Vest is enhanced with drag with to provide extra weight. The best part of this is that the weights are on the outside part to allow for effective body balance and coordination.

We guarantee you excellent results when you use this Weighted Animal vest on your pet. You will never miss it when you buy it. Join the bandwagon, buy your pet a Weighted Animal Vest.

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