How to Tame a Dog

health dangers for dogs

Having problem taming a dog? Want to establish a friendly relation with your dog? We’ve got you covered. You should always be polite to your dog, no matter how badly he responds to your commands. Like humans, dogs also need attention and affection. If this is the first time you’re taming a dog, you should do your own research on how dogs react and be aware of all the health dangers for dogs.

health dangers for dogs

Here’re a few handy tips that will go a long toward helping you train your dog.

Start with a variety of commands

To make your dog believe that you’re his boss, you should start with simple basic instructions like sit, come, stay, lie down, etc. You are not supposed to start with something complex or difficult. Repeat these commands everyday until your dog fully remembers them. All you need to reinforce your dominance in a polite way. There’s no point in showing aggression.  

Use your body to communicate with your dog

Dogs, unlike humans, don’t use words to express their feelings. So, you should also train your dogs using your body. See what body expressions your dog gives when he is in anger. In the beginning, it may be a little difficult for you to train your dog with your body gestures. But with a few days practice, you and your dog will get used to it.

‘’Good’’ and ‘’Bad’’ Commands

In addition to the body commands, you also need to teach your dog ‘’Good’’ and ‘’Bad’’ commands. For instance, if your dog does something inappropriate which you dislike, you should show your disliking to make your dog realize he didn’t do a good thing.

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