Litter Box Training For Your Cat

Show your cat the location of the litter box

Our pets are here to make our lives better, and that is why we should do the same for them. If your pet gets sick or hurt, you should immediately visit a vet. You need to find a good animal hospital and a good vet; for example St Ives vet like Gordon Vet.

Bringing a new cat home can be very exciting, but you need to know that it is no piece of cake. Just because cats tend to be smaller than most dogs, doe snot mean that there is no responsibility for taking care of them. You need to provide them with the correct environment, especially if you keep them inside, and you also need to teach them to use the litter box.

Show your cat the location of the litter box

While it might be true that most cats will naturally use the litter box and not just do their business anywhere, if you are getting a little kitten, that might not be the case. You will have to teach the kitty how and where to use the bathroom.

New cats

Cats have an instinct to use sand and soil for their bathroom duties, but the kitties learn that from their mothers, and they start learning when they are 3-4 weeks old. So, if you bring home a cat who is older than that, the chances are that he/she will naturally use the litter box without you having to teach them.

Show them the location

First of all, you can’t expect your cat to know where the litter box is, and sometimes you will have to show it to her more than once. Make sure you put the litter box in a quite place, that is not crowded. Place her in the box slowly as soon as your cat is home, and show her how to scratch the sand by taking her paw. Do not worry if she jumps out, just try again later.

Most cats will need time to adjust to the new setting, and if your cat has any accidents, do not scold or punish your cat. Remember, the cat will not know exactly what is she getting punished for, and by yelling or punishing, you will just scare and stress them out.

Clean up the accident instead of getting frustrated and angry, and show your cat where the litter box is. By repeating this step, your cat is bound to learn that the litter box is where she is supposed to do her business.

Cats take a different amount of time to get used to using a litter box

Important things

First of all, there is such a thing as the right location for the litter box, the size, type… etc. For example, as it was mentioned the box needs to be placed in a quite place that is not always crowded. There are many different types of boxes you can use and it is important to get the right size.

Litter type

Just like boxes, there are many different litter types too, and cats have shown to enjoy the ones that resemble garden soil or beach the most. Two inches of litter will be enough for the cats, and it usually works much better to use less litter and change it more often.

Final word

Whatever happens, just know that every cat needs time to get adjusted to the new surroundings and new rules. This is why you need to take your time and teach the cat how to use the litter box, and if your cat gets sick or gets hurt from a fight, call Gordon Vet, a leading Lindfield vet clinic.