Euthanasia in Dogs – Key Questions About It

Euthanasia in Dogs

The love we feel for dogs is undoubtedly one of the greatest in the world. Much more than a best friend, they are part of the family. The fact is that dogs live shorter than us, and in some cases we have to make tough decisions. One is when we must sacrifice dog.

No tutor wants to have to go through the situation. But what to do when treatment, medicine or surgery are no longer a solution to prolong and improve the dog’s quality of life?

Many parents wonder when it is time to euthanize a dog at home. It is always difficult to say because even among veterinarians there is a complex discussion about this procedure.

In order to better understand the subject, it is important to explain the meaning of the term ‘euthanasia’. According to the dictionary, it is the “act of providing death without suffering to a patient afflicted with incurable disease that produces intolerable pain”. 

Thus, in some cases, euthanasia is indeed recommended.

Euthanasia in Dogs

When should we sacrifice a dog

As veterinary medicine advances, more and more resources become available. This is as much for the treatment as it is for cures of diseases previously lethal to dogs.

In situations where there is no chance of cure for a disease, it is recommended that palliative care is adopted, that is: a series of attitudes and actions that seek to offer comfort and quality of life.

The first caution is to remove or alleviate the pain. This is because, often, the final moments of some diseases can be accompanied by much discomfort. Thus, it is a form of love on the part of the guardian to offer whatever is possible so that the dog does not suffer from it. And euthanasia is a decision to consider in some cases.