How to Choose A French Bulldog Puppy

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Today, you will read about how to choose a French bulldog puppy! If you know someone who wants a bulldog, please indicate this post. It will certainly be useful and he will thank you later!

What you should know before buying a French bulldog as your favorite dog.

favorite dog

1) Is he extremely attached to you

If you are the type that spends long periods away from home, better choose another pet.

His love for the owners makes him very dependent. The French bulldog was created with the intention of being a lap dog, a companion dog, and it serves this purpose perfectly. He is a loyal dog and extremely attached to the owner, loves and simply stays close to those he loves, even if no one is properly interacting with him.

2) Temperament

The French bulldog is a very cheerful, intelligent and playful dog.

Its energy level is very high and can range from highly energetic to the brink of hyperactivity, but this exacerbated energy decreases greatly in adulthood. Usually it is common for the puppy to be more active until the age of 12 or 18 months, when it effectively becomes an adult and begins to calm down, but if you want a calm and passive dog, look for another breed, the French bulldog can even calm down the age, nevertheless he will never be a dog that simply remains quiet in a meditative state.

3) It’s great with kids

Besides playing together, he will always be a great protector.

This breed really is in love with children. French bulldogs adore them and seem to feel some kind of companionship and excitement at being in the presence of these little humans.

When seeing a child, the French bulldog fills with enthusiasm and makes the biggest party, runs to get in with this “beautiful two-legged creature.”