Tips On How To Choose Dog Harness Manufacturers


Dogs are the most popular pets in the world, almost 1 in 5 famimilies keeps a dog. That is why the dog products market is booming these years. If you own a pet products shop or selling the dog harnesses online, then you must know the tips how to choose dog harness manufacturers.

Harness Quality Is The Most Impant

As a harness distributor or online dog harness seller, you certainly want to sell more harnesses with lower prices. Because people like lower prices, maybe they think it’s not necessary to buy such an expensive harness for their dog. But one seller can not think like that, lower prices will actually bring up many customers in a short time. If the harnesses are broken after a few days, then this will get more people know that you are selling poor quality harness. On the other hand, if your harnesses are of high quality, you will have more and more customers. You see? Quality is the key ring in the circle! See Also: Ruffwear Front Range Harness


The Quality Control System Counts

There are many procedures in the harness production, fabric cutting, sewing, etc. Almost every manufacturer know the production flow. But why some manufacturer’s harnesses are of high quality, while others are not. The quality control system makes the difference. A good quality control system is composed of beforehand, process and afterwards system. Under this system, the poor quality products will be picked up and revised in time. So the product defective percentage is very low.

Control System Counts

The New Product Development Cycle

Why there is always new products coming out from time to time?  Why people want to change their old products to new ones? That’s because new products can solve the problems that the old products can not.  One product won’t be perfect, it can only meet current market demands. So one manufacturer must update their products in time to meet the market demand. As a seller, you need always to focus on the new products, and this will make customers re-visit your stores more often.

The Reliance Of The Manufacturer

Maybe you are just beginning to wholesale the dog harness from China, you have no experience but worries. Then a manufacturer must be honest and tell you things that you don’t know, rather than cheat you and ignore your messages. This is not the right way of business, a positive business cycle must be win-win. A manufacture’s success is from their customers business growing.