Malchi – The Maltese and Chihuahua Mix Dog You Should Consider


What Is A Maltese Chihuahua Mix?

This particular dog breed is affectionately known as Malchi. It’s a cross between two pure breeds (Maltese and Chihuahua). This is essentially a hybrid designer breed that is relatively new and becoming rather famous by the day.

In terms of temperament, Malchis are highly affectionate dogs with a playful and happy disposition; making them ideal for a family. They are also great companion dogs which is why a growing number of assisted living for pet owners encourage patients to buy Malchis.


Where Did the Malchi Come from?

As evident, a Malchi is a cross between Chihuahua and Maltese. The breed of Malchi, in particular, is thought to have originated sometime around the year 2,000.

Moving on to their parent breed, Maltese dogs are said to be at least 2,900 years old. However, their place of origin remains unclear. In present times, they are particularly popular in Malta – the island after which this breed was named.

History tells us that in Ancient Egypt, Maltese were believed to carry healing powers. In England, they were owned by the rich only; particularly the royal families. Even the Queen herself is said to have owned this breed at one point.

The other parent breed, Chihuahua, is said to have originated in Mexico. However, its actual ancestry and history of origins remain debatable and largely unclear. For hundreds of years, this tiny breed has been playing the role of a great companion.

Are Malchi Good Family Dogs?

By and large, Malchis are ideal family dogs. That’s partly owing to their loving, playful, and happy disposition. They love to be around their human companions. That makes them ideal for a typical household.

However, the only situation in which a Malchi should not be your go-to choice is if you have small children in the house.

Malchis are tiny dogs. A kid could get rough with them; thereby easily injuring them. Also, due to their tiny stature; they often feel threatened when maltreated. It’s possible that they may lash out at the kids if that happens.

Common Health Problems Of A Malchi

First of all, it’s good to adopt from a good breeder who is willing to give you the medical history of the parents. A good breeder would only use healthy parents for breeding so that genetic problems don’t get passed on to the puppy.

With that said, below are the commonest health problems that you should watch out for if you’re adopting a Malchi.

  • Seizures
  • Bone damage
  • Sensitive stomach
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Shivering

Be sure to visit your vet regularly and get your dog regularly checked for common diseases. Do not miss out on regular vaccinations.

You should also know that due to their tiny size, Malchis are also more prone to physical injuries.

Care tips for your Malchi

Food And Diet

As far as food is concerned, Malchis don’t eat a lot. Ideally, you should give them cup-sized foods daily. Also, don’t just focus on the quantity of the food. You should also heed attention to the quality of the food as well.


Exercise is a good option if you do not want your Malchi to become overweight. However, that’s rare as Malchis are tiny and don’t eat a lot either. They also don’t consume as much energy as larger breeds do.

A thirty-minute walk a day is more than enough for their health. Alternatively, you could also go for some quality indoor game time. Both are great options and should be enough for all their fitness needs.


A Malchi has relatively longer hair than their parent breeds. That is why you would have to pay frequent visits to a groomer; especially if the dog is prone to frequent shedding.

You should also go for regular brushing; ideally twice a day. Regular bruising makes sure that not only does a Malchi look good, they also shed minimally. Regular brushing keeps them in a good and healthy physical condition and also prevents excessive hair loss.

Costs of owning a Malchi

A good Malchi puppy could easily cost between $300 – $1000. Additionally, be ready to also spend on shots, tests, deworming, spaying, collars, leashes, and food bowls. All of that could cost an extra $400.

But, it’s possible that many of these things might be offered by the breeder himself (often included in the pricing). And, so the price may vary greatly.


Annual medical costs (excluding medical emergencies and checkups for ongoing illnesses) could cost up to $500. This includes regular checkups, shots, pet insurance, flea prevention, etc. Other than that, if you think about hair grooming, training, treats, foods, toys, and all that; it could cost an extra $500 – $650.

Bottom Line

All and all, Malchis are an excellent designer breed to buy. If you’re someone who likes tiny breeds and who cannot care for a large breed, then this is a good dog breed for you. They are also perfect for small homes and tiny apartments.