Everything You Need to Know About Proin

Everything You Need to Know About Proin

Proin is prescribed to dogs suffering from urinary incontinence. Proin works by helping to tighten the muscles in your dog’s bladder, which reduces urine leakage.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about proin, including proin dosage for dogs, proin side effects , proin drug interactions, and proin warnings.

Everything You Need to Know About Proin

Proin Dosage for Dogs

Since proin is a prescription medication, your dog must first be examined by a veterinarian before proin treatment can begin. Your vet will determine the proin dosage that is best for your dog based on his size and medical condition. 

After proin has been prescribed, it is available in tablet or liquid form. Your vet will tell you how many tablets or drops of liquid to give to your dog each day.

Proin Side Effects

If your dog is taking proin, side effects are possible but rare. Some dogs may experience proin nausea if they accidentally overdose on the medication. Proin vomiting, however, does not occur often, but if it does, the vet will likely recommend discontinuing proin or switching to another medication.

Proin Drug Interactions

Since proin is a prescription drug, it should only be given to your dog after consulting with a veterinarian. Proin can cause serious side effects when used in conjunction with other medications. It is dangerous for your dog to be taking proin with other bladder-control drugs, especially those containing phenylpropanolamine. It is also dangerous to give your dog proin if he is taking an MAOI or tricyclic antidepressant.

Proin Warnings

If your dog is suffering from kidney failure, epilepsy, or high blood pressure , talk to the vet before giving your dog proin. Proin may cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure in dogs suffering from kidney failure or epilepsy, and could potentially make the condition worse in these cases.

Proin is a prescription medication that can be life-saving for dogs affected by incontinence. While it has been shown to have few serious side effects in most cases, your dog should always be closely monitored by a vet while taking proin, just to be safe.