How to Dress a Dog? Trainer Tips!

Group of Chihuahuas dressed, wearing glasses and bow ties

Having a stylish dog is all good! In addition to keeping the pet warm and protected, the cheap dog dresses add a fashion look. To get the most out of them, it’s necessary to learn how to wear dog clothes in a safe and comfortable way for everyone involved.

Group of Chihuahuas dressed, wearing glasses and bow ties

Group of Chihuahuas dressed, wearing glasses and bow ties

Techniques for dressing the dog

Even if dogs are the animals with the most adaptation to human routine, it is necessary to be aware of limitations and possible problems. We need to remember that they don’t have the same needs as ours, or in some cases they don’t know they do. An example of this is the dog wearing clothes, it is not natural for them, so we need to adapt them to this situation.

With that in mind, it is necessary to desensitize the dog to the act of wearing sweater puppy, so that he is safe and comfortable.

This process can be divided into stages; however, before we start with them, it is necessary to know: the trainers say that, while some dogs are calm and evolve quickly in training, others will be more afraid. It will take patience and fractionate the movements more, until reaching the desired behavior. Check out how to dress a dog below.

Step by step

The first step is simple, just put the clothes on the floor, spread a little food or snacks on it and let the dog eat it touching the piece.

In the second stage, when the dog is more relaxed, hold the outfit in front of the muzzle and releasing more rewards. When you notice relaxation, add slow movements of the object towards your muzzle so that it gets used to the clothes.

In the third step, increase the approach. If the dog appears to be comfortable with the situation, hold the clothing so that the hand goes inside where the dog’s head goes, releasing the reward slowly.