Natural Food for Dogs: All about This Nutritional Option

Natural Food for Dogs

Although we know that dry quality foods are one of the best options to ensure a balanced diet for our pets, many tutors can pity them to always eat the same food. An alternative to changing this, which is becoming more prominent, is the raw feeding of cats and dogs.

Are you curious? Learn more about this and find out if this food is recommended for your friend.

Natural Food for Dogs

What is natural dog food?

According to veterinary specialist in nutrology and animal metabolism, the concept of healthy eating for dogs is still quite controversial today, mainly for two reasons.

One of them, is the fact that there is no legislator and supervisory body responsible for saying what it is to be a natural food: In the United States, we have AAFCO and, in Europe, FEDIAF who play this role, but, looking at the two norms, there are several differences for the definition of what is taken for granted by each.

The second reason is more technical. The term “natural” implies something that has nothing artificial. It is virtually impossible to ensure a balanced meal for pets without the use of synthetic nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

Homemade food: Is it recommended?

The fact that there is still no consensus regarding its nomenclature does not negate the recommendation of a home-cooked diet. In fact, as long as the pet is healthy and your diet is balanced, there is no problem in offering natural dog food.

What really matters at the moment is not only the most appropriate type of meal but the professional help you will seek to decide the best practice that unfortunately few tutors do.

In the case of homemade food, conducting the consultation is essential, since it will be necessary to set up a menu of your own and not only to buy a particular ration.