Cat Purchase Or Adoption?

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Have you made the decision to have a pet in the family, sometimes the doubt overcomes: buying or adopting a pet? Just as you have friends, children and relatives, you may also have a cat or a dog. We live together, they are also family members.

Buying issues

Looking for kittens for sale near me is not a problem but buying bad breeders. It is very important to emphasize that, like any business, there are standards to be followed. A quality breeder knows and follows these standards, ensuring a healthy puppy from all points of view, maintaining a standard of behavior and health.

kittens for sale near me

Tips for choosing a good breeder

A quality breeder knows in depth about breeding breeds. In addition, he has the entire breeding history and especially the pet’s parents.

They also make sure you know the place. They do not sell puppies less than 45 days old. And, he follows the laws, selling the vaccinated, wormed and neutered pet.

Adoption Tips:

Adoption organizations are rigorous in assessing future tutors. They interview and sometimes visit the house to ensure that the space is properly prepared to receive the kitten safely. Recent research shows that animals are deeply grateful to their adopters. After all, it is cheaper.

Still, choice is something that must be respected. Although breed talk is more common when it comes to dogs, cats also have breeds that look and behave differently. Among the most common in homes, behind the SRD (mixed breed), are Siamese , Persian and Angora. And some prefer to buy a purebred feline. If so, the most important thing is that it is purchased from a serious and responsible breeder or cattery. Look for the breed breeders association you are looking for, so you will have good references to find your new companion.