Best Healthy Treat Ideas for Your Dog

Best Healthy Treat Ideas for Your Dog

Giving your dog tasty treats is the best way to strengthen your relation with your dog and make it feel happy. You can give your dog treats to train it and reward good behavior. You may be wondering what you can give your dogs as a treat. Well, you can give anything your dog finds tasty. The market is full of Dog Treats, Dog Beer, and Dog Cakes. Whatever you choose to give as a treat, make sure it’s delicious and nutritious. You should also consult with a vet to get the best piece of advice. Here’s what you should consider when giving your dog treats;

Best Healthy Treat Ideas for Your Dog

The 10-percent Rule

Snacks and treats should only make up 10-percent of your dog’s daily diet. If you don’t have any idea of how many treats fall within the 10-percent rule, ask your vet. They can give you the best advice based on your dog’s weight and how active she or he is.

Try fruit and veggies

If you want to give your dog more healthy and natural treats, you can also use fruit and veggies as a treat. The store-bought snacks and treats are high in sugar, fat and preservatives, which can cause problems for your dog’s health. Since dogs like nearly all foods, vegetables and fruits can be a good option for your dog treats. Your dog treat shouldn’t be hard as it can be tough on their teeth. Skip anything that is solid and hard, like antlers, bones or hooves.

Peanut Butter

Unsalted peanut butter can be a great option for your dog treat. Peanut butter isn’t only a great source of protein, it is also packed with essential nutrients and vitamins.  

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