Tips on How to Buy an Aquarium

Tips on How to Buy an Aquarium

Creating fish is much more than just taking care of a pet you like, it’s a therapy, a hobby with powers of relaxation and harmony with the natural world.

We believe you are a layman in this field, so let’s take one of the basic aspects of who wants to buy aquariums.

What is the ideal aquarium size?

This will depend on the space you have to allocate it. But it is worth remembering that the minimum indicated is 60 cm long x 35 cm wide x 35 cm high.

Tips on How to Buy an Aquarium

More or less the volume of water should be 1 liter for each fish.

What kind of material should I choose?

All the aquariums are made of glass, now there are those that have an aluminum frame to strengthen their structure and the ones they do not have.

What is the ideal format as a beginner?

Neophytes, or beginners of fish breeding, should opt for rectangular aquariums.

How to choose a filter and pump for my aquarium?

The power of the pump of your aquarium should be chosen according to the size of it. Go to a specialized store and the vendors will help you.

Plants, which ones to choose?

Prefer plants with a greenish color, because they need less than light.

How to organize the lighting of my aquarium?

The lamps for your aquarium should be chosen according to the size of it. In the market there are special lamps that help in the process of photosynthesis of plants.

Finally, how do I start raising my fish?

You purchased your aquarium, installed lamp, pumps, filters and so on. Put the gravel, plants and filtered water without chlorine (you must regulate the pH of the water). Now just leave the aquarium running for three days and then put your fish.