Know How You Can Take Good Care of Your German Shepherd


It’s in our nature that we can’t see anyone getting sick or skinny – be it our baby, relative or even our dog. But this time, we’ll especially talk about your dog’s health as what you should do to maintain a healthy life of your beloved pet. Is your German Shepherd getting skinny day by day and doesn’t take interest in playing or even in eating? There’s a health problem with your puppy that could lead to many serious diseases if not cured properly. Here’s what you would need to do to make your puppy gain weight again.


Get Your Dog to the Vet

That’s what everyone should do to diagnose the exact problem. Your vet could better tell you why she isn’t gaining weight or showing less interest in eating and playing. Sometimes, it could be a physical problem like an infection and sometimes there can be severe health issues. Stay stick to what your vet prescribes and give your pet a special attention like you do with your own baby.

Feed is Important to Help Your German Shepherd Puppy Gain Weight

Try to look for the good food for weight gain and it’s better to follow your vet’s prescription. Your priority should be to gain a healthy weight not an extra weight. Giving her heaps of calories doesn’t help much as it’ll build extra fat which is also not good for overall health. Like our babies, puppies need proteins but in an adequate amount to stay healthy. Protein calories are supposed to be ideal for German shepherds. So, always prefer protein calories rather than carbohydrate calories.

In the last, you should be extra careful to make sure your puppy won’t eat anything infected or hazardous during your outdoor trips. Prevention is always better than cure.