How to do dog dental care


Keeping pets in the home is the hobby of the majority but it needs special care of them especially related to the hygiene factor. It is very harmful for the human to live in the locality that is full of unhygienic factors. It needs to have the proper health program to handle the dog dental care problem properly. The significance of the dental care cannot be ignored due to professional reasons. Some important ways can be used for this purpose but a proficient health control service is more effective and dependable due to long lasting results.


Harms of the unhealthy teeth condition:

Dirty teeth are the source of transmission this disease to the dog’s health and transfers to the human. This situation is very common in the humid and tropical areas. These can be seen in the warm summer usually. There is a great risk for those who are residing or visiting the buildings that have close exposure to the dogs. Plaque can cause the disease that is spread through bacteria and transmitted to animals and humans. It produces high fever in them. The other symptoms of the disorder are the headache, muscle aches, vomiting and chills. It develops jaundice, diarrhea, rash, red eyes and abdominal pain as well. It promotes kidney damage, liver failure and respiratory disorders.  In severe cases it causes death also.

Tips for dental care:

  1. Use the plaque reducing products for brushing the teeth.
  2. Brush their teeth twice a day for controlling to develop the plaque.
  3. Give them food that is low in developing the plaque.
  4. Use the toothbrush that is designed for the canines especially
  5. Make a paste by using the baking soda and water for cleaning the teeth of your dog.
  6. Using the human toothpaste is harmful for dog’s stomach so never use it.