7 Best Dogs for Small Homes


They are highly suitable for the small hoses due to certain reasons. Requiring the little space and able to fit in the small places, they are very easy to carry in small carriers and can be able to take with you. These dogs are very convenient to be kept in the apartments as well as smaller places. On the other hand, these small breed dogs are entirely adorable and cute as well. It is the truth that you cannot avail any pet without challenge because they need special training, but some breeds of dogs especially small breeds are easy to train. These little dogs are much better for training and doing activities as well as exercises. A List of the best dogs for small houses is given below.


  • Maltese:

It is one of the cute, joyful, refined and small dogs with soft, shiny long white hair. This breed is compact and intelligent for training purpose. It is very easy to carry from one place to another as well as suitable for keeping in apartments.

  • Pug:

One of the popular small dogs breeds for keeping as a pet because it is cute as a button and sweet as candy. Containing the playful and jovial soul these pugs are the ideal choice for your home, either it is small or a huge. The majority of the people like them because they are lovely, tempered, energetic and affectionate in nature. It is one of the best dogs for small houses.

  • Pomeranian:

The bossy little dog contains the fluffy coat that makes it highly appealing in appearance. Containing the energetic, loving, and loyal nature, it is a perfect choice for your apartment. These are famous in creating the little lap dog impact.

  • Chihuahuas:

You have seen these dogs being carried around in the bags of celebrities. Containing the fluffy, smooth and shiny coat these are highly adorable. These are active and gentle in nature.

  • Miniature Schnauzer:

A wonderful companion that contains the energetic and friendly nature is the ideal breed for your small home. This breed is called a barky breed that is why it needs special training for keeping at home.

  • Shih Tzu

It is a wonderful toy breed that is highly charming and eye-catchy. These are extremely social, friendly and energetic and cab the best dogs for small houses as well as for the apartments.

  • Poodle:

The specific haircut and the tight curls are the recognition of the poodle dogs. Containing the extremely entertaining and intelligent nature, these are the best dogs for small houses.