Questions to Ask a Potential Pet Sitter in Austin TX

Pet Sitter in Austin TX

You’re on the fence about hiring a new pet sitter. Your old one has retired or perhaps moved away from the area. You’re in dire need of someone to watch your four-legged friend during your upcoming business trip or family vacation. How do you go about choosing someone for a job like this? Well, it’s not easy. You need to find a pet sitter who is caring, responsible, and trustworthy. Here are a few questions to ask your potential pet sitter. They will help narrow down the selection process.

Pet Sitter in Austin TX

Question #1 – Why do you like being a pet sitter?

Let’s start off with a relatively simple question for your prospective pet sitter. A little insight into their mindset and why they became a pet sitter in the first place. Their answer can provide a good look at how they treat your pet during their state.

This is an open-ended question. You want to know whether they enjoy the hard work, whether they are inherently a pet person, or if they’re just after a paycheck.

Question #2 – Can you provide references?

Like any good business in the area, your pet sitter should be able to provide references or testimonials from previous clients. Such information will provide you with some insight regarding their past experience, how they interact with both people and pets, and how well they perform on a regular basis.

Question #3 – What qualifications do you have?

While not all cities require pet sitters to have any type of qualifications, it can make a significant difference. The importance of qualifications depends on your pets. If your pet is elderly or has medical needs, you’ll want to find a pet sitter with some medical experience, for instance.

If your pet has behavioral issues, find a pet sitter who understands animal behavior. Some form of experience in training or behavioral modification can go a long way.

Question #4 – What services are included in your price?

When you hire a pet sitter, you’ll find that most offer packaged services. When you pay for pet sitting services, you’ll also receive walking, feeding, and clean-up services in addition. Some pet sitters, however, like those after a paycheck and nothing more, will tack on extra charges for every little aspect of the job.

On your end, consider making a thorough list of your pet’s needs. Then, have the pet sitter address each one in turn, and offer a quote for the total cost.

Question #5 – Will you be personally handling my pet?

There are many pet sitting companies in Austin, TX like VIP Pet Services, and the surrounding area. Many of these agencies hire contractors or part-time pet sitters to handle clients during their busiest seasons.

Your chosen pet sitter must be familiar with your pet. You want the same person the entire time. Otherwise, you’ll need to turn your attention elsewhere.

Find the perfect pet sitter in Austin, TX, and the surrounding area with these thorough, inquisitive questions. Do not be afraid to sit down and interview a pet sitter.